Program Pricing

Molalla Striking Arts Regular Classes

One-Time Registration Fee


The Registration Fee includes dues for the first calendar month, a uniform, sparring gear, and a set of kali sticks with a carrying case (Tigers will not commonly use the sticks in class, but they will be kept for them until they are able to join the next class, or parents can keep them if they would prefer). The equipment normally arrives within a week or two of sign up. This does not include a mouth guard or a groin cup, both of which are highly recommended and can be purchased locally. After the registration, regular monthly dues apply.


Regular monthly dues are $100 per calendar month, due on the 1st day of the month.

A late fee of $15 will be assessed for payments not received by the 5th day of the month.

If payment has not been received by the 5th, students will also be excluded from classes.


Monthly dues allow for the student to participate in any or all of the age appropriate classes during their selected time slot offered by Molalla Striking Arts (Saja Tae Kwon Do is separate) during the week, and open gym on Fridays from 7pm to 9pm.

$10 Monthly Mat Fee (Tigers Only) - This is due and payable over the course of the month from the student. Parents are encouraged to come up with chores or something for the child to do to earn the money to cover the mat fee. If it causes a hardship, we are happy to find some chores around the studio to be done. We want the students personally invested in their training. These funds will be used primarily to provide some sort of celebration (like a pizza party and a movie or something similar instead of just open gym on Fridays) every couple of months.


We also offer a family discount. Please ask for details.


Private/Group Lessons


We offer private and group lessons as well. Rates are $75 per hour and subject to studio availability for those wishing to train in the studio. Ask about a free half hour session here

Tae Kwon Do classes while held in the studio are offered independently. Rates for those classes are solely at the discretion of the individual instructors.