(Grades K-5th)

Martial Arts has been shown to help kids build confidence, develop respect, improve self-discipline, and increase physical fitness. It also provides an opportunity to interact with others in a positive environment.


The Tigers program is designed to be a fun introduction to martial arts training. They will learn martial arts techniques while developing balance, control, and improving flexibility. They will start off with a snack and an opportunity to briefly socialize with others while getting ready for class. Each class will start with cardio and stretching, include upper-body/hands technique development, work with kicks, drill and partner work, martial arts games or sparring, and a lesson recap.

Student progress will be recognized by achieving patches, one each for demonstrating proficiency with Hands (Red), Kicks (Blue), Drills (Purple), Physical (Gold), and Sparring (Green).


Upon demonstrating proficiency in all aspects, students may be invited to join the adult program.

Classes are Monday through Thursday, 4:30pm-5:30pm or 5:45pm-6:45pm.